Canada’s Most Reputable Companies

  • By eggsdev
  • April 15, 2022

The results of the annual Reputation Study conducted by Leger are in and Shoppers Drug Mart tops the list. For over 25 years Leger has conducted a sector by sector analysis of over 300 companies that operate in Canada surveying close to 40,000 Canadians.

For 2022 Shoppers Drug Mart has knocked last year’s winner, Canadian Tire, out of first place with a score of 73/10 which is 5 points lower than last year. Canadian Tire remains in the top 10 at # 4 with a score of 71/100. Curiously only 3 of the top 10 companies actually maintain offices in Canada. Other grocery/mass market retailers on the list include Costco at # 13, Loblaw # 39 and Walmart # 72, while Sobeys leads the pack in the grocery/convenience category.

Reputation scores have dropped this year in keeping with the downward trend seen over the past decade. Ten years ago the average score on the Top 10 list was 83/100 whereas this year it is only 71/100. Rather than seeing a shift from “good” to “bad” more consumers are responding that they don’t know enough about a company to form an opinion.